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Fortyone - Fortyfive [csr056]

Published 2005

All tracks written by Fortyone
Artwork by Fortyone & Fortyfour
Thanks to the family and the 45's

"I wish to announce that... How did a vintage jazz/blues collector get involved with Fortyone?" Well, a little more than a year ago, I was poking around on the Web, looking for unusual old sounds to download (Im especially interested in material from the 78 RPM era.). I stumbled upon the Comfort Stand site, and was delighted by Fortyones Different Mayonnaise album his choice of sampled sounds made me laugh. I emailed him and we've been swapping emails and CDs ever since. (Some material from my collection is sampled on Music That's Better Than It Sounds). For this album, his tenth effort, Fortyone has limited his choices to material that he has found on 45 RPM singles (remember those?). Of course, these samples are run through various processes and reassembled in ways the original artists could never have imagined. Where else could Neil Sedaka collide with the New Vaudeville Band, kiddie records connect with Lee Dorsey, and a Doodle-Lee-Boop wander around with abandon? Fiendish alchemy is at work here, folks, here there be audio tygers that should tickle the funnybone of all but the surliest of grouches. - zorchV38, often found browsing (A wonderful site to listen to and explore pre-1930 jazz).

Check out more information about this album on it's Comfort Stand release page.

Run time 79:34


Reviewer: Dr.Toast - - December 22, 2008
Subject: Cut and Past Paradise
These Pieces are brilliant. Like They Might Be Giants and Steinsky got together and reserected the ghost of Dicky Goodman, then had a cut and paste party. This puts a fresh (and demented) spin on the childrens records I listened to as a kid. This music is superfun! Would make a great birthday clown soundtrack.
Reviewer: Maury Brunner - - July 25, 2007
Subject: old fashioned
this music sounds old fashioned to me - like something from 1990s

cant give it a good rating-just a ONE
Reviewer: maximusprime - - February 7, 2007
Subject: check it out!
a remarkable piece of production, not only did this guy put a lot of thought into it, but the mixing is superb... constant changes, loops, some echoes, and more voices than i thought possible...there are many humorous bits and then a tempo transforms out of the fragments...
this is wildly inventive and by far more interesting than anything else you will listen to today!
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